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Vulcanite Info.

1. Boiling Vulcanite stems in water to remove oxidation RUINS the Vulcanite.  It can also result in loss of bends, warping of the stem and tenon shrinkage.

2. Soaking Vulcanite stems in bleach RUINS the Vulcanite

3. “Deoxidizing” Vulcanite using cleaners, oils and polishes only hides Oxidation.  As soon any of them dry oxidation will rear it’s ugly head again.

4. Cleaning Vulcanite stems with a tooth brush and tooth paste scratches the surface, and is a waste of good tooth paste.  It does not remove deep oxidation.

5. Boiling, bleach, cleaners, oils and most polishes, in addition to harming Vulcanite, do not remove the oxidation’s acid taste and lip burning from Vulcanite Stems.

6. Sealing Vulcanite with a high quality Carnauba wax and sealer will reduce or eliminate future oxidation.  If  stems are properly cleaned, and wax applied periodically, say on a monthly schedule, oxidation can be eliminated forever.


The only way to effectively get rid of oxidation is to completely remove it.  If you have a buffer, the stem can be sanded with 220 grit sand paper, then buffed, polished and waxed.

Without a buffer, the only way to remove oxidation is the Deoxidizer in our Vulcanite Stem Restoration Kit.  I have tried all kinds of materials over the years.  Some do a fair job at best, but I have never found anything that comes close to this stuff.

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