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J.H. Lowe - Owned and operated by world renowned pipe maker Tim West, J.H. Lowe has a full line of Vulcanite and Lucite stem blanks and rod, Briar, prebored pipe making kits, machining equipment and about every pipe repair part you can imagine.  Tim is very personable and is always willing to take a few minutes out to help with a pipe making or repair problem.  He also offers classes in pipe making and repair.  A nice site and a very nice man.

Vermont Freehand, formerly PIMO is geared toward both ptofessional and home pipe crafter.  They have lots of Vulcanite and Lucite stem blanks, prebored pipe making kits, parts and tools.  They offer an excellent book from the PIMO Pipe days called, “Guide to Pipe Crafting at home”.  An Excellent resource for all pipe makers.

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