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Pipe Links

Walker Pipe Repair - Now owned by Mike Myers, this is the Pipe Repair portion of Walker Briar Works.  Mike acquired that part of our business in January, 2013.  He worked with us as a valued repair man beginning in April, 2011.  His work is beautiful..  Mike is a perfectionist, and the result is that his work is impeccable. We wouldn't  settle for anything less, and neither will he. We are very happy that Mike was good enough to take on our pipe repairs and carry on our traditions of quality repairs and customer service.  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with his work.

MKELAW-PIPES - If you are looking for a place to buy beautifully made pipes or Estate pipes, or sell or get help selling fine Estate Pipes, check this site.  Dave Neeb knows pipes.  He has been buying and selling top quality Estate Pipes at reasonable prices for some time.  He also brokers pipes for people wishing to sell them without the hassle.  Dave also makes gorgeous hand made pipes.  If you’re looking for beautiful and unique hand made pipes, this is the place

G.L. Pease - Greg Pease has a website chucked full of wonderful information on some of the world’s most pristine pipes and many photos from his extensive collection of fine pipes.   He also sports many interesting tobaccos and has an area dedicated to information about tobacco.  Greg’s sight is well worth a look.

RareMemories - is the online rotating Pipe Collection of Bruce Plumb. Estate and UnSmoked Pipes available at discounted prices.

Charles’ Pipe Collectibles - This website deals only with Stanwell pipes, both new and estate pipes.  They have an excellent selection of both.  Stanwell is a wonderful Danish pipe.  If you own one, you already know that.  If you don’t or are interested in acquiring one and/or learning more about Stanwell pipes, give this sight a look.

Smoker’s Forums - This seems to be the premier forum website for pipe smokers, collectors, amateur and professional pipe makers and repair/restoration people.  If you need information on anything “pipe smoking”, someone here will have the answer.

NASPC - North American Society of Pipe Collectors.  This group, formed in 1994, working to promote pipe smoking, sharing of information, and fellowship.  They have a quarterly news letter and sponsor pipe shows all over the country.  A great bunch of people here. - Thousands of reviews of hundreds of excellent, good, fair and poor pipe tobaccos.  If you want some idea of what most any tobacco in the world smells, tastes and smokes like, look here.

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