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Kit Instructions
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Kit Instructions

Using the materials in the Vulcanite Stem Restoration Kit is really pretty straight forward for most stems.

1. Apply the Deoxidizer/Cleaner to the stem using a soft cloth.

2. Rub until the oxidation has been completely removed.  You will  actually feel the stem get smoother as the oxidation is dissolved and removed.

3. When the stem is clean and black, rinse under warm (not hot!) running water to remove any remaining cleaner, then wipe dry.

4. Next, apply a fairly thick coat of the Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer using another soft cloth.  Rub and work the wax into the stem.  This will seal the Vulcanite.

5. Let the wax dry on the stem for about 10 minutes, then rub and polish with a soft cloth.

For the hard to clean area at the end of the stem where the button begins, use the same process as above, but apply the Deoxidizer and Carnauba wax in the corner using a pipe cleaner. 

When you are finished cleaning and waxing your stem, hold it under a strong light or Sun light.  If you see a tan or brown haze under the shine, that means oxidation has been “removed” sometime in the past using a buffing wheel.  Instead of being completely removed, the looser oxidation has been buffed away and the deeper, harder oxidation has been heat buffed into the stem.  It too can be removed with the Deoxidizer/Cleaner.

Rub a new coating of Deoxidizer/Cleaner onto the stem, and work it in as much as possible.  Then put a thin coat of the Deoxidizer/Cleaner on the stem and let it sit of half an hour or so, until it’s dry.  There is a mild solvent in the deoxidizer that will not hurt the Vulcanite, but will do its best to soften the deep oxidation.  When the coating you have added is dry, wipe it off, then add more Deoxidizer/Cleaner with a soft cloth and rub.  The oxidation softened in the previous step will be removed.  Then rewax using the Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer as above and check again.

If you have any question regarding the use of the kit, please email or phone me anytime.  These products really do work as advertised.

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