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Kit History

For YEARS, I have been reading about the processes, formulas, concoctions and magic wands used and recommended to others for removing oxidation from, and polishing pipe stems when you don’t have a buffer.  I have tried all of them.  The deoxidizers, polishes, waxes, wipes etc., do no more than hide the oxidation with oils or waxes.  They do not remove it.  Unless it is completely removed, oxidation will rear it’s ugly head (and taste) as soon as the oils or waxes dry.  Even before that you still feel and taste the acids that live in the oxidized material... Nasty!!!

I bought my first buffer in 1968.  Before that I was a “clean stem freak” like most of you are now.  My Grandfather had a cleaner he used for years that REMOVED heavy oxidation from his nasty stems, and a Carnauba wax compound he used to polish and seal them.  The stuff was wonderful.  I finally went back into OLD boxes and found his stuff.  I found out what the cleaner and wax were made of from the scribbled notes I found with it.  I have managed to find all of the materials he used and have made the same stuff.  It works as well as it did 40 years ago!  The oxidation and TASTE are gone!  All that’s left is a clean, black, shiny, tasteless Vulcanite stem that stays that way.

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